We provide only short summary of areas which influence our lives and which we will deal with in the future.
The aim is to provide a guide for high-quality lifestyle, which always walked hand-in-hand with learning Kung-Fu.
These areas blend and it is difficult to strictly define them and teach them separately from others. That is why we incorporate them under the slogan Fit for Life in our club training program.

Most of them is not a "one-timer" but quite the opposite - it is a continuous change of approach to oneself and his/her surroundings. That why we understand these areas as a shared know-how for becoming a better person. It's a long term process based on regular effort and realization.

WingTsun ChiKung
Health exercise of WingTsun system.

Chung Jüan ChiKung
Energy exercises lead by master Sü Ming Tchang.

Five Tibetans
Vitality-increasing group of exercises.

Chinese medicine
A thousand years old wisdom about human body.

A complex view on our daily habits and rituals, from which some help and some harm.

One of the parts of Lifestyle - we are what we eat.

Healthy body
Meaning the physical body. Metabolism, anatomy, skeletal and locomotor system.

Spark in the eye
It is said that "The eye is the window into the soul". A healthy person full of energy has bright and beautiful eyes.

Healthy teeth
The teeth tell a lot about it's owner. How to maintain a good smile?

Healthy spine
Chapter for itself. A crooked spine is a epidemic of our time. What should we know about our spine?

Compensation exercises
Bad long term lifestyle and one-sided overloading our body, or it's parts, leads to the need of compensation, together with removing the wrong habits.

Dorn's method
Method for fixing the spine and it's functions.

Feng Shui
The harmony of space.