Programme description
This concept is based on a fitness training for fighters. It contains practising universal kicks and punches interlaced by jogging, sprinting, skip-rope, burpees, crunches, pull-ups, push-ups etc. Trainees exercise individually or in couples, lead by an instructor. Sparring is also an optional exercise.

For whom is this programme designed?
Fit for Fight, as the name suggests, is an excellent addition for all martial art aficionados. It is suitable for everybody wishing to improve their physical condition, strenght, endurance, speed and perhaps also loose some surplus kilograms. Both men and women are welcomed, weight nor height play a part. The courses are designed for beginners and experienced fighers.

Why to start?
Have you did sports in the past and now You don't feel as You used to? Do You do martial art but have low self-confidence, do You feel weak, slow and lacking stamina?
Fit for Fight will thouroughly test Your abilities and move Your boundaries. We will help You get in a good shape, You will be fast, tireless, slim and beautiful :) and that all for a great price!

How to start?
In case You are interested in this programme, contact the club leadership and arrange a test training, which is FREE. You will try if Fit for Fight is what You're looking for. If you decide to train, register in the member's section on our web and order Fit for Fight in the tab "My Training". Each of the tranings is adapted to the participants, so it is possible to start anytime during the year.

What to wear
We do not have any special requrements for clothing, but be prepared that You will sweat!
We train outdoors and/or in the gym, depending on the weather. Be prepared that You will need to buy certain protectors if You decide to train regularly.

Terms and options for reservation
The trainings take place every Monday and Wednesday in the morning 7:30-9:00.

It is possible to pay for one month, three months or ten months.
You can arrange with the trainer also attending each trainig individually.

FFF is a very good complement of WingTsun!

If you are under 18 years and are interested in WingTsun, we will need a written parents consent.